October Magic

| October 16 – 19, 2016 | Snow. Millions of magical, tiny frozen wishes falling softly in the mountains. Piling up on the roads, on the trails, in the trees, in my dog’s fur, and on my smiling face. IN MID-OCTOBER. I saw the weather advisories. Kind of in disbelief, really. I’d skied in October […]

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The Glamper

The Glamper, or Shastina as she was previously known when she was merely a truck, is a great source of happiness for me. This shiny red beauty of a 2004 Toyota Tacoma is my getaway vehicle and vacation home. Inspired by mountain guide and good friend Geoff Lodge’s previous generation dirtbagmobile; put into motion after […]

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The making of a ski bumette

Many years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would take a winter off from work to ski bum in my 30’s. It seemed like a faraway goal – something that would be tough to accomplish due to my stable life with a great job, husband, mortgage and dog, along with some big […]

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Ski Fun in the Summertime

| Summer 2015 | Skiing all year is a funny thing. I love skiing so much that I never want it to end. When the more sane members of mountain communities are months into their transition from skis and snowboards to bikes and boats, you can find me high on a mountain looking for something […]

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South Sister Season Opener 2015

| May 2nd, 2015 | An annual spring climb and ski of South Sister is a well-loved tradition among the backcountry skiing community in Bend. For those without snowmobiles, the annual opening of the Cascade Lakes Highway to vehicles enables the first easily accessible volcano skiing in our area. Snowmobiling down the road wasn’t an […]

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