The Glamper

The Glamper, or Shastina as she was previously known when she was merely a truck, is a great source of happiness for me. This shiny red beauty of a 2004 Toyota Tacoma is my getaway vehicle and vacation home. Inspired by mountain guide and good friend Geoff Lodge’s previous generation dirtbagmobile; put into motion after one too many nights sleeping on the ground at trailheads.


As a product designer, I obsessed over every detail of the buildout. My goals were to make it cheaply and quickly, so I opted for a convertible design made of wood and busted out the sleeping platform in a weekend with the few woodworking tools I already owned.


The mattresses were made of inexpensive camping foam pads; the mattress covers and curtains were made from excess fabrics from dog products at Ruffwear, the company where I was working. The serape blanket that is always in the back belonged to my now-deceased stepfather and makes me smile every time I see it.


To me, the Glamper represents freedom. I love to throw in my ski gear and take off to someplace rad; feeling happy, comfortable, and at home anywhere I go.


There have been countless epic meals, dance parties, and hangout sessions around her tailgate. She and I have slept up and down the mountain west from the Eastern Sierra to Mount Rainier, and hosted many amazing people along the way.


I sure do love the Glamper!




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