October Magic

| October 16 – 19, 2016 |

Snow. Millions of magical, tiny frozen wishes falling softly in the mountains. Piling up on the roads, on the trails, in the trees, in my dog’s fur, and on my smiling face. IN MID-OCTOBER.

I saw the weather advisories. Kind of in disbelief, really. I’d skied in October before, and it ranged from dangerously awful (like skis-sparking-as-they-run-over-rocks kind of awful) to pretty OK (like you-could-get-a-face-shot-if-you-really-forced-it kind of OK).

Skiing this early in the season is usually a little bit of a gamble. Nobody wants to hit a rock or shallowly buried tree in October and end up with a season-ending injury. That would be the worst! My personal threshold is 10 inches. If there is 10” of snow on the ground, I’ll grab my rock skis and give’r.

On Saturday night it was raining hard in town. I took a look at the Mt. Bachelor webcams and found this:



Just to give you an idea of HOW FREAKIN’ EXCITED this made me: I had broken my left ring finger while rock climbing a month prior. It certainly wasn’t the end of the world, but I had been in a cast halfway up my arm for three weeks. It was a huge bummer. And I couldn’t wear a glove on that hand, so cold/snowy activities were not advisable (I know this because I tried). Well, I got my cast off two days prior to this stormy gloriousness. I could wear mittens!!!

Fast-forward to Sunday morning. So many friends were at Bachy! It was like a fabulous wintry family reunion! The skiing was great. There was more than 10” of snow on the ground. I hit zero rocks. Nobody hit any rocks. Total win!



Once it started snowing, it didn’t stop. So I obviously made plans to ski Monday morning. Then, after skiing on Monday, I made plans to ski on Tuesday morning. Then, after skiing on Tuesday, I made plans to ski on Wednesday morning. What was happening? Was ski season really here?!?

Monday’s highlights included riding pow, and Kevin’s 72nd consecutive month of skiing, which we celebrated with mimosas in the parking lot.



Tuesdays’s highlights included riding pow, and Mike tempting fate by riding something sketchy (his favorite activity!)




This is what Mt. Bachelor’s snow stake looked like at the height of the storm:


Finally, the skies cleared and we were treated to the most amazing of bluebird pow days! On October 19th! So many whiterooms. So crazy. So rad!




But, like all dreams, this one had to come to an end eventually. Which it did, by raining that night.


Did that really just happen?


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